Biological & Botanical Services

NCRM provides a wide range of biological services primarily centered on the survey for and development of protection measures for threatened and endangered species in California. Our staff Private Consulting Biologist is certified by the California Department of Fish and Game to prepare Northern Spotted Owl consultations for timber harvest plans, and is qualified to provide biological survey as well as prepare biological reports for a number of other species including the Marbled Murrelet and Northern Goshawk.

NCRM provides the following biological services:

  • Biological assessments
  • Northern Spotted Owl consultations
  • Sensitive species surveys
  • Wildlife habitat assessment
  • Stream habitat inventory
  • Natural resource mitigation
  • Private Lands Wildlife Management Program (PLMP) collaboration

NCRM provides the following botanical services:

  • Conduct rare plant surveys
  • Conduct wetland habitat assessments & delineations
  • Assess & map plant communities
  • Design mitigation plans
  • Query the California Native Plant Society & California Natural Diversity Database
  • Assess & map plant communities

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